Dublin: Demo against the imprisonment of Maura

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On Saturday there will be a demo against the imprisonment of Shell to Sea activist Maura Harrington. Accused of assaulting a cop, Maura has worked tirelessly, with many other, in making a stand against the State, and one of the worlds largest corporation Royal Dutch Shell. Acting in defense of a local community, and seeking to ensure that our resources are put to better use than the profits of a few rich individuals, Maura is being targetted, again like many others because their activism is effective.Not only have guards stood up in court and told lies, there have regularly brutalised a community and those who stand and act in solidarity with them. We will not be intimidated though

This is a call to all those with a sense of justice and genuine democracy to stand together, express our anger and disgust at the State

Meet at 2pm at the GPO and together we will go to Mountjoy prison, and show solidarity with Maura

Only So Long As WE Let Them

2pm GPO and then up to Mountjoy prison