Dublin: National meeting of Public Sector Trade Unionists



SATURDAY, FEB 14, 11.30 to 2.30, Davenport Hotel, Merrion Square, Dublin

ICTU must call a One Day National Stoppage to begin a real campaign!
Speakers (personal capacity)

John Kidd, Convenor of Unions, Dublin Fire Brigade
Jo Tully, Nurse Shop Steward (INO)
Kieran Allen, President Education Branch (SIPTU)
Roisin Cronin, Sec Dun Laoire Branch (IMPACT)
Terry Kelleher, Executive Member, (CPSU)
Ronan Leyden, Chair DIT Branch (Unite/Amicus)
Marie Humphrey, Vice-Chair, Dublin City P.P.(TUI)
Joe Duffy, Dublin Northwest Branch (INTO)
Christy Maginn, Standing Committee member, (ASTI)
Denis Keane, Executive Member (CPSU)
Gregor Kerr, Dublin North Branch (INTO)
Chair: Paddy Healy, Former President, TUI

The pension levy on public sector workers is an outrage. Many low and middle income employees who have taken out large mortgages simply cannot afford to pay it.

The levy is another name for a pay cut:

· An employee on €35,000, will pay an extra €43 a week
· An employee on €45,000 will pay an extra €63 a week.
· Private sector executive/consultant on €200,000 will pay nothing extra!
· Wealthiest 1% with €87 billion in assets continue to pay nothing at all!

In addition to this pay cut the government has welshed on the Public Sector Pay Agreement, setting aside pay increases of 6% in total. Public Service Pay relative to good employment in private sector has been reduced by up to 15%.

Public Sector Employees Are Being Scapegoated!
If we do not succeed in resisting this pay cut, government will feel free to impose new cuts and changes in conditions into the future.
The effectiveness of trade unions will be seriously damaged generally as in UK after Thatcher.

Let us insist on a real campaign next Saturday !!!