Dublin: Protest against education cuts


Reverse the Education Cuts
Protest at Constituency Clinic of Cyprian Brady TD, St. Luke’s, 161 Lr. Drumconrda Rd.
12 noon
Saturday 23rd May

Cyprian Brady is Fianna Fáil TD for Dublin Central. His government has imposed savage cuts in education and attacks on our wages and conditions which include
· Class sizes increased to the largest in Europe, with 382 schools due to lose teachers
· 128 special classes closed
· 60 social inclusion posts abolished
· Over 400 Language Support posts removed
· Funding for Traveller education slashed
· Grants for school books for disadvantaged families cut
· Implementation of the EPSEN Act deferred
· Withdrawal of substitute cover for first day of uncertified sick leave
· A cap on teacher numbers
· An embargo on appointments to Posts of Responsibility
· A 1% ‘income levy’ imposed on our salaries, increased from 1st May to 2% on salaries up to €75,000 and 4% over that figure
· A further pay cut of an average of 7.5% in the form of a so-called ‘pension levy’
· Deferral of pay increases due under Towards 2016
· Failure to pay increases due to principals and deputy principals under the Benchmarking award
120,000 people marched against the cuts in December. Dublin City North Branch of the Irish National Teachers Organisation(INTO) is asking teachers, parents and all concerned to continue the campaign and let our T.D.s know the anger that is felt about education cuts and the attack by the government on our wages and conditions.
Come to the protest to let the government know how you feel!

Organised by Dublin City North Branch INTO