Dublin protest at bogus pregnancy 'clinic'


Members of the Workers Solidarity Movement will be joining the abortion rights campaign 'Choice Ireland' at a Dublin protest on Saturday August 18th. This will take place outside the Womens Rsource Centre, 50 Dorset Street from 12-1pm.

They are drawing attention to a bogus agency (which has connections to the Catholic fundamental Christian Solidarity Party) which lies to women.

Choice is also calling for regulation which would make it obligatory for pregnancy agencies to declare in their advertising whether the information they give is 'two-option' (parenting and adoption) or 'three-option' (parenting, adoption and abortion). The Agency, called "Women's Resource Agency", and also using the name "British Alternatives Pregnancy Services", advertises itself as a pregnancy counselling agency, It pretends to be a service willing to give advice about parenting, adoption and abortion. The reality is quite different.

it subjects women in crisis pregnancies to psychological manipulation, misleading them and deliberately lying about pregnancy and abortion services, anything they think may prevent women from travelling abroad for an abortion.

You can read a lot more at:
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