Dublin Shell to Sea Public meeting


Shell to Sea public meeting in DublinShell to Sea is holding a public meeting on Tuesday, 25th September at 7:30 pm in the Teachers Club, Parnell Square West.

John Monaghan, Rossport Resident and Shell to Sea national spokesperson

All supportive political parties, organisations and individuals are strongly encouraged to attend.

The Shell to Sea campaign is known both globally and nationally as a campaign that brings together many of the most pressing issues facing communities and political campaigners today. It is an issue of grave environmental importance, but is also central as an issue of civil rights and liberties, of Garda brutality, as an issue of national ownership of national resources and the rights of the people of Ireland to determine their use. It is an issue of community self-determination and community consent.

The local community in Erris, Co. Mayo, have been fighting on these issues and more for seven years. Five members of the local community were imprisoned in 2005 and became known nationally as the 'Rossport 5'. Currently three more members of the community are appealing jail sentences. For the past year, the community have been living under the shadow of a very high police presence in their previously quiet and peaceful community. The local community have committed to fighting these issues until they are resolved and are asking for you to renew your support in their struggle against injustice.

Our campaign is entering into a critical stage over the coming months. The purpose of this meeting is to bring all supportive individuals, groups and political parties up to date on where the Shell to Sea campaign is and where it is going over the next three months. We hope this meeting will bring together all those who have worked with Shell to Sea in Dublin over the past number of years and those who are willing to support this campaign in the future. We hope to outline the general aims and strategy for action, both in Dublin and in Erris, Co. Mayo, and to facilitate discussion as to how these aims can be best achieved. We look forward to meeting with you next week.

For further information please contact 085 1609850.