The Emperor has No Clothes


DUP MLA Sammy Wilson claims jobs should be given to locals before migrant workers.
Such comments made by members of the political class at Stormont should come as no surprise as they are eager to blame the most vulnerable sections of our class for their ‘dis’-management of the economy.

Sammy, the current Stormont Environmental minister who earns at least £43,381 annually before expenses is well known for his antics off the field including his holidays in the nude abroad, fits in well with a party that believes in pie in the sky in the form of creationist theory.

Sammy Wilson speaking on the last edition of The Politics Show said: “when it comes to a downturn, I think if jobs are becoming vacant and you've got people with equal skills, and can do the job, etc., then I think preference should be given to people from Northern Ireland.”

Apart from his discriminatory remarks and impractical nature of his suggestion, he also hits an own goal attempting to naively compare a 'migrant' worker to a 'native' worker. Does a Chinese couple who has lived and worked here for over 30 years have ‘less roots’ and less entitled to a job than somebody born in Belfast?

Anarchists support the freedom and equality of everyone regardless of sexual orientation, age, gender and ethnic origin.

As the recession continues to bite, politicians and bosses will continue to scapegoat migrant workers, ‘dole scroungers’ and anyone else who comes to mind for the mess they have created.

The point is we should not let them get away with it based on our common class interests and collective solidarity. Unity is strength!