Honduras: Whats happening? Dublin


Public Talk by José Antonio Gutiérrez (Research and Development Officer of the Latin American Solidarity Centre)

Wednesday 15th July

Seomra Spraoi

10 Belvidere Court, Dublin 1

Starts 7.30, On June 28th the military staged a coup in Honduras. The coup was quickly sanctioned by most of the Parliament, the Church hierarchies and the Supreme Court. The reason given by them was that Zelaya was trying to perpetuate himself in power, although no serious argument to prove this has been put forward. The coup was immediately rejected by the international community and the Honduran people started bravely to mobilise in the streets of Honduras in defiance of the military: first in their hundreds, later in their thousands. The current crisis in Honduras has made people’s participation reach unprecedented levels: never before have people mobilised in such high numbers in this country .

The current crisis and the prospects of talk in order to solve it, put forward a number of relevant questions in relation to the political changes in Latin America: what was the role of the US in these events? Are we about to enter into a new era of military dictatorships? Is this the end of the possibility for democratic reform of the system?

We invite you to an open discussion on this issue and to explore ways in which we can renew our commitment of solidarity with the struggles of the Latin American people, translating our rejection of this imposition into concrete solidarity proposals.

There will be food served in Seomra Spraoi’s café at affordable prices from around 19:30.

Seomra Spraoi is an autonomous self managed social center comminited to providing resources to help faciliate grassroots movement building.