Interview with US soldier from company involved in Apache killing of journalists


Salon Radio interviewed Josh Stieber a former solider in the U.S. Army in Iraq who served with Bravo Company 2-16, the infantry ground soldiers involved in the Apache helicopter attack video WikiLeaks released that show's the killing of twelve people including two journalists.  In the interview Stieber explains the incident was not a rare occurrence.

A couple of extracts
"I would have been on the mission that day and, I guess, something that goes to show how if it is, you know, a common thing, is that I had declined a couple of days earlier to follow a command that I didn't feel right in following so, so I was not allowed to go on this mission, or else I would have been in that video.

Well the people in the video that I know are the people actually on the ground, and the primary position of the video, was from the helicopter. But the radio conversation was between...I knew several of the voices on there, mostly the ones, you know, granting permission after the helicopters, you know, ask for permission to fire, so yeah, the troops on the ground are the ones that I'm familiar with."