Justice For Terence Wheelock


Public meeting
Saturday 15th September
Lourdes Youth and Community Parish Hall
Sean McDermott Street
Dublin 1Once again the campaign for Justice for Terence Wheelock are calling on the community to join them at a public meeting to be held on Saturday 15th September at Lourdes Youth and Community Parish Hall, Sean McDermott Street at 1pm.

Representing the Wheelock family will be Larry Wheelock. Larry, who has been campaigning for a full independent inquiry will cover the following issues:
* The travesty that was the inquest into Terence's death. For the Wheelock family the inquest has been overly influenced by the Gardai while no independent witness/expert gave direct evidence.
* The campaign has been recognised by the State and given legitimacy with the instigation of the Garda Ombudsman's inquiry into Terence's death.
* Larry Wheelock will be discussing the type of inquiry offered his family by the Ombudsman

Discussion at the meeting will centre on
* What you can do for the campaign
*How the community can get involved

The meeting will also be addressed by Derry journalist and socialist Eamonn McCann.

Please come to the meeting to show your solidarity with the Wheelock family and to contribute to building the campaign which will not stop until a full independent inquiry is conceded by the State.

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