Kill The Immigration Bill

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On 17th of October Residents Against Racism are holding a public meeting to discuss and plan a way to campaign against the forthcoming racist immigration bill.

Immigration bill is another ploy by the government to whip up prejudice and discrimination against immigrants and asylum seekers.

If introduced non E.U. will be forced to carry bio metric id cards, the asylum system will become more draconian with the abolition of the tribunal stage which means there will be no appeal stage and asylum seekers will be denied the right to marry and a simple driving offense will be instant deportation.

Speakers on the night will include:

Chair Des Bernas
Barrister Cillian Mc Morrow
Migrant Worker Paddy Mophoso
Asylum Seeker Philip living in Cork
And speaker from Residents Against Racism

Also contributing from the floor will be solicitors and Barristers who are opposed to the immigration bill.

This immigration bill is against basic human rights and we ask all groups interested to attend the meeting.

17th Of October Tuesday ATGWU Hall on middle Abbey Street starting from 7pm.