Limerick Meeting: What Is Anarchism


Forthcoming meeting on anarchism ...WHAT IS ANARCHISM?

Despite the massive increase in wealth in Ireland and across the globe, inequality is rising everywhere. Millions, including over 10 m children, die every year from basic diseases that could be prevented by spending just a fraction of the money wasted on military weaponry.
Here In Ireland every month sees a new crisis in the health service. Meantime, up in Mayo, the Irish Government has given greedy Shell Oil a free hand to our natural resources and our environment!

When will it end?

Anarchism is about changing the world through revolution. The WSM is an anarchist organisation intent on building a large and vibrant anarchist movement in this country and worldwide. Next Wed evening, in Limerick, we'll be holding a meeting about anarchist ideas and what they stand for. Come along and find out more ….

*Venue:* LIT Students Union (Moylish Park, Limerick)
*Speaker:* James McBarron
*Date and Time:* Wednesday, 14 November @@@ 6 PM

*And Don't Forget*
ORGANISING ANARCHISM IN LIMERICK: Later in the month, on Saturday, November 24th ,
we'll be holding a further meeting in Limerick city centre on organising for anarchism. Look out for details on this and come along.