Noam Chomsky, Dublin Talk - Film Screening

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Revolt Video Film Screening of Chomsky Talk which took place in the Teachers Club last year.''This film showing will feature the Premier of Noam Chomskys talk in the teachers club last year which was organised by the wsm . This discussion by Noam Chomsky differs from most pieces filmed of him as it was captured using three cameras and the footage was mergered together . Topics discussed include the Spanish Civil War and commentary on Anarchism in general ''

''The other film showing is the second party in the "Power of nightmares" series in which we showed part one already this episode gives an insight into how the neo-conservatives worked with the islamic fundamentalist and what this co-operation bread . An unmissbale masterpiece of insightfull documentary .

@ Seomra Spraoi
6 Lwr Ormond Quay, next to Capel St bridge.

Doors 7.30pm / Start 8pm SHARP !

3 unwaged / 5 waged ... ''