Opposition To College Fees builds


Last month, Education Minister Batt O'Keeffe indicated that third-level fees were ''back on the agenda''. His comments have been met with strong opposition from university students.The Union of Students in Ireland (USI), which represents more than 250,000 students in over forty colleges across Ireland, organised a 'Sit-In' outside the Department of Education on September 1st and staged an overnight 'Camp-Out' in front of Leinster House the following night.

In University College Dublin (UCD), the Student's Union will launch a Campaigns Group to help co-ordinate activity against the reintroduction of fees on Thursday, the 11th of September. All students interested in taking up the fight against fees should attend.

We must look back to the successful anti-fees battle of 2002 and the student group, Campaign for Free Education (CFE) for inspiration. In UCD, the CFE blockaded the Minister for Education as he visited the campus, successfully occupied the N11 motorway, organised lecture boycotts and consistently pushed for democratic, mass, militant action.

We cannot win this struggle by merely petitioning. UCD has a long tradition of student militancy; we must continue it.

Launch of UCD Anti-Fees Campaign Group,

11th of September,

6pm, Astra Hall, Student Centre.

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