The Politics Of Social Centers, Dublin


Following on from recent open political discussion events, Seomra Spraoi is holding an evening of debate and discussion looking at the role(s) self managed social and political resource centers can/have on wider activity for radical and critical anti capitalist activity in the cities where they exist.

From hosting educationals, providing resources for progressive campaigns and political organisations, social centers have become a mainstay feature in current western european anti capitalism. Within the network of european centers, Seomra Spraoi has been lauded as a model for creating open access to new ways of working.

With a desire to build upon this Seomra Spraoi are holding an open discussion, led of with some brief introduction of various social center experinces across europe and the US.

This event is open to all

*Seomra Spraoi is an autonomous social centre in Dublin city centre. It is run by a non-hierarchical collective on a not-for-profit basis. It hosts workshops, political meetings, film screenings, kids activities, café’s, socials, and lots more. The centre seeks to be a hub of positive resistance, in a city where public spaces have been eaten away by consumerism & property speculation. We have lots of fun too…

Accessibility: We are currently refurbishing the building at seomra spraoi with an aim to make the building as accessible as possible by the New Year. If you have concerns or questions relating to accessibility, please contact us.

Seomra Spraoi is situated:

10 Belvedere Court

(10 mins walk from north side of O’Connell St)

Map directions & more info on website


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