Protest in support of asylum seekers


Let asylum seekers stay and work! Stop the deportations

Hundreds of asylum seekers in Ireland entered 2006 facing an uncertain future at best, as they wait to see whether Justice Minister Michael McDowell agrees to let them stay in Ireland or tries to deport them, as he has many others.Asylum seekers from Afghanistan are being denied the right to live here. McDowell wants to send them back to one of the most dangerous war zones in the world, with no regard for the dangers they would face.

Many fathers of Irish children are being denied the right to live here with their children. The Department of Justice forces them to live in hostels apart from their families.

Asylum seekers from Somalia are being denied the right to live here. Their country has been ravaged by civil war and violations of human rights are common, but the Department of Justice seems to think it is a safe place to live.

Even Irish children and their families are being denied the right to live here. Children born in Ireland still face deportation along with their parents, just because they were born after last year’s artificial government deadline.

These people, like other asylum seekers, are force to live on only €19.10 a week, and are banned from working or studying. The whole asylum system should be taken out of politicians’ hands, and asylum seekers should be allowed to live and work peacefully in Ireland. As the TDs return from their Christmas holidays on 25 January, show them your opposition to state racism.

Wednesday 25 January 1.00 pm
Dáil Éireann, Kildare Street, central Dublin