Event: Anti-authoritarian assembly
Date: Sunday, 23rd July 2006
Time: 2.00pm
Location: St. Nicholas of Myra community hall, off Francis StreetRAG do AAA

July 23rd will see the next, well overdue, Anti-Authoritarian Assembly. This is a regular gathering of groups and individuals who are involved in political, anarchist, DIY, types activities in Dublin city.

This event will offer those who attend a chance to catch up with what others are up to. All present will be given an opportunity to present a brief report, updating the AAA on their organisation/campaign/plans. Groups represented at these assemblies in the past have included: Seomra Spraoi, Anarchist Prisoner Support, Anarchist Youth, Workers Solidarity Movement, BODY, Shell to Sea, RAG, squatters, community gardeners along side numerous individuals.

The AAA is the only event in Dublin at present where we have a chance also to discuss issues within our community affecting us all. If you have a point that you would like included on the agenda let us know or just bring it along on the day.

This time the meeting will be hosted by RAG, the revolutionary anarcha-feminist group. We meet regularly in Dublin and intend to bring out a magazine in September 2006. Along side writing articles and preparing the magazine content, we also hold discussions, argue about grammar, show films, provide support for each other and have fun.

The AAA will take place in St. Nicholas of Myra, community hall, on a street called Carmen Hall, which is just off Francis Street. Food and childcare will be available; children are very welcome. For further details please contact: ragdublin@riseup.net

There is a lot going on in Dublin, it’s essential that we have a chance to communicate face-to-face, to keep up to date and to realise our strength. See you there