Reports from the Shell supply ship occupation in Killybegs


On Monday July 6th Shell to Sea protesters broke through a weak spot in the armada deployed to defend the Solitaire, the supply port in Killybegs.The Solitaire whilst being an enormous ship is dependent on a constant flow of ships bringing supplies from Killybegs in Donegal. This morning seven kayakers paddled out to the ship, the Toisa Independent, which was being loaded with a fresh batch of pipes for the Solitaire. With very little security the seven paddled up to the boat and as we speak one of the kayakers is blocking the ship from departing after climbing aboard.

After a weekend where the Sunday papers carried on the usual barrage against Shell to Sea with many claiming the campaign to be over, Shell to Sea answered back in style today. The past fortnight saw the Erris area occupied by 200 of Shell's private security IRMS, 300 gardai (including 150 public order units), the navy backed up by a helicopter and an aeroplane. Today's actions have shown that the campaign is far from over.

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Later updates:
Steph - Rossport Solidarity Camp - No arrests and everyone ok!
Niall - Rossport Solidarity Camp - Many thanks to the local skipper and crew who brought us out in their yacht to assist one of our kayaking crew who got into difficulty, also making it easier to get some better pictures. I'd like to publish a picture of the yacht and crew but I'd be concerned that it'd be sunk in the middle of the night. Many thanks to the local coastguard who launched to supervise the safety of the kayakers once a decision was made to return to shore. Very important to note that the local Marine Service supplier - 'Sinbad Marine Services' is happy to host IRMS security on their boats, which is as unacceptable in Killybegs as it is in Mayo.

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