seomra spraoi x-mas party buzz


Come to Seomra Spraoi's christmas party!!hey everyone,

that's right, you are all invited to the seomra spraoi
x-mas party taking place on saturday the 16th of
december. admission is 3 euro. from 7pm 'till 2am.

the party is fancy dress and the theme is
religious/anti-religious. get your imagination in gear
and join the intense festive stylings of the people's
republic of disco.

what you say?

the people's republic of disco - bring your own
records, cds, and mp3 players and get a chance to
project your musical taste and party buzz to all in
attendence. there will be a pa, decks, cd player, and
facilities to plug in your mp3 player so get your
grove on and lets get fabulous.

free-box lucky dip - bring an item for the free box
and take one home. no total junk please.

there will also be food and a lot of good times.

do come