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Dublin: Protest Mounjoy jail 6pm


Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington has received a 3 months sentence todayin court. She is currently en route to Mountjoy,there will be a protest at the jail from 6pm

Dublin: Dock strike protest at High Court


In relation to the injunction taken by MTL to prevent the naming and shaming of scabs, see media links below, and update on the official site website .

The case is to resume again next Thursday 10th September at 11am.

We are calling on supporters to demonstrate at the High Court , gathering between 10.30 and 11am. This may be a full hearing of the case, and will likely continue for a number of hours.

Thursday 10th September

High Court

Assemble: 10.30 to 11am.

The indications from the Labour Relations Commission is that of cautious optimism, to use a near meaningless cliche. There is still a way to go, and we cannot be certain of the companies true intent. We will keep you updated.




Dublin: Dock strike protest at City Hall


To all supporters,contacts etc,

A motion in support of the striking workers and calling for intervention to end the dispute will be put before Dublin City Council at Monday evenings meeting. We will be hoping for unanimous cross party support for this but nothing is guaranteed yet. We are calling on supporters to gather at City Hall before the meeting to demonstrate our support for the workers.

Monday 7th September

City Hall (end of Dame Street)

6.15 - 7.15pm

Dublin: Social Solidarity Network - Building a Network of Resistance


Job losses, wage cuts, cuts in essential public services, pension levies..... Our living standards and our social services are under huge attack.

Building anarchism in Belfast


A public meeting in which speakers will present a brief overview of the Workers Solidarity Movement, its goals and aim as an anarchist organisation and what struggles it is currently involved in. If you are interested in the joining the WSM or simply want to find out more please feel free to come along.

Dublin: Strikes, Healthcare and a New Union Model in Las Vegas.


A presentation on four years of organizing workers in the American healthcare system. The talk will focus on organizing strategies and tactics in the context of US unions and Healthcare in Las Vegas, and also tell the story of the first and only nursing strike in Nevada state history. A discussion will follow the presentation.ost:

Community Development Projects protest Tuesday 8th September


CDP - Call to Action

Tuesday 8th September
SIPTU, Liberty Hall, Eden Quay, Dublin 1

March to support striking Dublin dockers


The SIPTU strikers at MTL in Ringsend are still holding out against the giant Peel Ports Group, and are asking YOU to join their demonstration on Monday August 24th. This is a strike for all of us - it's about saying no to wage cuts and job losses in a very profitable firm.

MTL have brought in scabs to break the strike and have employed the ex-SAS 'security' firm Control Risks to intimidate strikers.

With enough support we can beat them. Solidarity is our strongest weapon.

Anarchist Pic-nic


A day of fun, talk, food and drink at the great outdoors for Anarchist and friends.

Dublin march against cutbacks in community services


"As part of SIPTU's campaign a major protest is being organised against the critical underfunding in the sector and the savage cuts proposed by Colm McCarthy’s “Bord Snip Nua” report.

"We are encouraging all workers, activists and communities to make every effort to show you support on:

Wednesday 30th September
Parnell Square, Dublin 1

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