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Tralee: Anarchist Stall


Members of the Cork branch of the Workers Solidarity Movement will be
travelling to Tralee this coming Saturday to do a stall. With the latest
issue of our newspaper, our bookservice and magazines we hope to make a

Dublin May Day March 2009


WSM will be taking part in the 2009 Dublin 'Mayday' march this Saturday at 2pm organised by the Dublin Council of Trade Unions. Come along and celebrate with us.

Dublin: "Queer Politics: Mainstream or Revolutionary?"


The contemporary Euro-American LGBT movement emerged out of the gay and lesbian liberation struggles associated with the radical politics of the 1960s, which in turn were inspired by mass revolutionary movements prominent at the turn of the twentieth century. Yet today the majority of men and women active in LGBT politics seek not revolutionary social change but inclusion within the boundaries of mainstream liberal culture. They tend to organise as a single-issue interest group seeking legislative reforms (for example, amendments to marriage laws), and unlike their forebears pose no radical challenges to either capitalism or the state.

Swords: Public Meeting on the capitalist crisis and anarchism


They got us into this mess but now they want us to pay the price for it too! With the economic crisis now in full swing, anarchists are arguing for fundamental change and an end to capitalism. How can we achieve this and how should the new society be organised?

Thursday May 14th 8pm
Hawthorn Hotel,
Main Street,

Dublin: Stop The Bank Bailout Protest


Saturday 16th May
Central Bank, Dame Street

Belfast discussion: Can Direct Action achieve change?


Public meeting:

The Visteon workers have shown that we are far from powerless in resisting job and pay cuts. The discussion will focus on the Visteon/Ford workplace occupations, solidarity and the politics of direct action.

Cork: Mayday March


Mayday each year is a time for workers to celebrate our history and a time to recharge our batteries for the difficult task at hand - overthrowing capitalism and achieving emancipation for our class!

Dublin: Grassroots Mobilisation Against Pension Levy And Budget Cuts


Like many other trade unionists, our members voted overwhelmingly for industrial action against the pension levy. We thought that the trade union movement was serious about standing up for the interests of its membership. We did not think that the ICTU leaders could be so foolish as to throw away the energy and enthusiasm that was on display on the huge march on February 21st. But they did - for a promise of a ‘social pact’ with a government that is imposing wage cuts.

Belfast: 'The history of Mayday and its relevance today'


As part of this year’s activities the Anarchist Communist Discussion Group formed by the WSM, will be hosting a talk on ‘The roots of Mayday and its relevance today.” The talk will take place on Tuesday 5th May at 7pm in the Belfast Unemployment Centre, 45/47 Donegall Street in the city centre.

Dublin - Food Fight Café, Seomra Spraoi


'Food Fight' Café with talk on local struggles and food sovereignty in latin America by Alberta Cariño Trujillo

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