Nuit Debout

Nuit Debout - the failure of parliamentary politics in France


Since the worldwide recession in 2008, we have seen governments around the world make neoliberal reforms, states hammering through austerity measures. In Ireland we know only too well the extent of austerity, the state has cut everything from healthcare to social housing. We have seen the struggle communities have been fighting against the privatization of water. We have seen the ever rising number of people being made homeless, mothers and fathers having to sleep in cars and parks with their children. We have seen massive unemployment, our loved ones having to emigrate to the other side of the world to find work.

Cops are bastards everywhere


What better to bring us together in these uncertain times than our shared realisation that cops across the globe are the barking lapdog bastards of the elite, whose purpose it is to force society into staying in a miserable and unfair condition. How wonderful to have something in common.

Anyone following or involved with the struggle against the water charges, or for decent housing, or anything which challenges the status quo really, will know that the cops aren't on our side - not by a long shot.

The roots of the 2016 rebellion in France


Since the beginning of March there has been in France a strong protest movement against the El Khomri bill. This bill is supposed to be a complete reorganisation of our labour code. The law would encroach upon our established social rights and degrade our working conditions (increasing working hours, easier redundancy, weaker defences in case of conflict with an employer, etc).

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