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Articles on the M15 and Occupy movements from Wall Street to Dame Street & beyond

Only mass action can defeat Austerity - WS129 Cover story


Five years into an austerity program that is only working to make the rich richer, most of us are very unhappy about the lack of resistance from the unions. During the Croke Park campaign the SIPTU National Executive Council released a statement that included: "There is, of course, a wider issue of fairness in the Country as a whole because the wealthy are not contributing to the degree that they can or should. This is a consequence of the political choices made by the voters at election time.”

Where next for Occupy Belfast as they occupy second building?


On the anniversary of the Wall Street occupation which sparked a global movement and captured media attention, Occupy Belfast acquired a second building.  A statement released on the groups Facebook page reads ‘members of the Occupy Belfast Movement took a step towards expanding the movement’s reach by taking control of a multi-unit residential property in an undisclosed location in Belfast.

Kicking off the 2011 Revolts in the age of the Networked Individual


To what extent do the revolutions and revolts of 2011 reflect a new world born from the shell of the old? Were these revolts of the internet generation -- networked individuals? Are people not only using new technology but becoming transformed by it? For anarchists, what lessons can we learn and to what extent must we transform our organisational methods and structures?


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Occupy Belfast hold its first public meeting in the 'Peoples Bank'


Occupy Belfast held its first public meeting in the occupied building on Saturday explaining why it decided to take the building and outlining future plans for the self-managed space. Around 20 people listened to two speakers from Occupy who provided an up-to date account of work underway including the building of a stage, meeting space and a library.

What next for Occupy Belfast?


The forcible eviction of Occupy Dame Street has once again shifted the spotlight on Occupy Belfast who have moved from their original camp at Writers Square to an iconic and listed vacant former bank building in the heart of the city centre. WSM member and Occupy Belfast activist Sean Matthews asks what next for Occupy Belfast and whether it has reached a critical mass.

Occupation of former bank building in Belfast


The liberation of the former Bank of Ireland building in Belfast city centre by “Occupy” provides a glimpse of what is possible if we organise and fight together using the power of direct action and solidarity. It is about sending out a political message to our local green and orange tories that enough is enough and it is up to us as working class people to take action and organise a fightback because no politician will do it for us.

Scuffles on Pearse street as Garda attack Occupy Dame St march


Over 150 people gathered at the Central Bank last night in the aftermath of the eviction of Occupy Dame Street (ODS). They then marched to Pearse street Garda station to demand the return of confiscated property but for unknown reasons the Garda prevented them for reaching the station, knocking many to the ground while doing so. Following on from the violence used during the 4am eviction that morning this represents a radical departure from the 'softly-softly' policing that has characterized the interactions of the state with ODS to date.


The eviction of the Occupy Dame Street camp


A large force of Garda and council workers were deployed at 3.30am today, International Women's Day, to clear Occupy Dame Street (ODS) camp. The camp was completely demolished in the course of the eviction, campers intimidated and their personal property stolen. This was a level of force way out of proportion with the numbers in the camp (about 15 people) and stands in contrast with the lack of resources put into investigating what happened at Anglo, the collapse of which has left a debt of 26,000 Euro on every single person in the country.  

A General Assembly will take place at the former camp location at the Central Bank at 18.00 this evening.

What is Direct Action and can it deliver change?


The idea of direct action is sometimes simply understood as meaning anything violent, anything from a brick through a window to a full-scale guerrilla war. Our political opponents and enemies go out of their way to spread confusion because they know that in a “battle of ideas” they would lose. Firstly the fact that we are sitting in this room now having this teach in is a result of direct action being taken, doing it for ourselves and not relying on any politicians or anyone else to sort out homelessness or the building social centres.

Occupy Belfast host performance poet Catherine Brogan


Political poet Catherine Brogan returned home last Friday night to a successful event hosted by Occupy Belfast. Local poets, artists and singers performed at the free event in the ‘people bank’ to a receptive and enthusiastic audience eager to listen to poetry with a political message.

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