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WSM to join anti-Budget protests and calls on workers to organise for a general strike


Anarchist organisation Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) has confirmed its intention to join the protests against Tuesday’s budget at Dáil Éireann.

Speaking today, Gregor Kerr, WSM P.R.O. said that members of the organisation would be joining the 1% Network protest meeting at Wolfe Tone statue St Stephen’s Green at 5:30p.m. and marching with them to participate in the protest at the Dáil at 6p.m.

Anarchists and Gardaí agree over dangerous elements in the Crowds.


The WSM welcomes the statement by Chief Superintendent Michael O'Sullivan about the groups and individuals who wish to exploit the fact that thousands will be on the street tomorrow, and use that for their own ends.

WSM says support student protest against garda brutality


The WSM has called for support for the Student Protest Against Garda Brutality called by students from the Free Education for Everyone and Students in Solidarity networks. Next month’s budget will see savage attacks on public services and people’s living standards in order to protect the wealthy. A very clear message is now being delivered to the people of this state. The gardaí and their political masters want to frighten people off the streets, they do not want us to exercise our democratic right to protest

WSM condemns police violence against students


The WSM has released a press statement condemning the Garda attacks on student protesters in Dublin today during which many students were injured by Garda batons.  We say that we need to stand together in this period of attack on our quality of life and futures. What is clear today that like elsewhere around Europe and the rest of the world, police repression will be used by the state to try an make our movements for social justice and equality fearful and less open and effective.

For an account of the protests as they happened with videos see Riot police attack students after they storm Department of Finance in Dublin

Press statement: Anarchist organisation to join walking tour ‘through the heartland of the golden circle’.


“There is a huge political choice facing every one of us…The wealth division in Ireland is obscene.  It must be brought to an end.” – Gregor Kerr, WSM spokesperson Anarchist organisation Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) will participate in the 1% Network Walking Tour taking place on Saturday (9th October), leaving St. Stephens Green at 1p.m.

The crisis highlights the bankruptcy of capitalism


Capitalism as a way of organising our society is bankrupt. It is bankrupt in both a literal and moral sense. Capitalism is at odds with any progressive notion of democracy in the 21st century

Dublin Anarchist Bookfair – Something for every radical


Since the first Dublin Anarchist Bookfair 5 years ago, this event has grown to be one of the biggest left wing political events in Dublin every year,” said Ciaran Murphy, a member of Workers Solidarity Movement and one of the Bookfair organisers.  “This year’s event promises to be an exciting and interesting occasion, bringing together a wide variety of anarchists, activists and just ordinary people who are looking for new ideas.

Anarchists urge united campaign against cuts


Anarchist organisation, Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM), has called on “workers, the unemployed, trade union branches, community organisations and all who are angry with the government’s economic slash and burn policies to come together and build a united campaign against the cuts.”

Workers Solidarity Movement to join Anti-Capitalist Bloc in march to Dáil on Tuesday night.


Members of Anarchist organisation, Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) will assemble at the Wolfe Tone Statue, St. Stephen’s Green on Tuesday evening at 7p.m. as part of an Anti-Capitalist Bloc jointly organised with left republican organisation Eirigi.

WSM condemn Gardai tactics at May 18 2010 anti-capitalist bloc protest


As the march moved away from Stephen’s Green, it was met with an aggressive and heavy handed police response. As the three hundred or so demonstators attempted to move onto the road to march to Anglo Irish Bank, Gardai on foot and horses moved in to prevent the march from commencing.

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