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Libertarian statement of solidarity with the comrades in Oaxaca, Mexico


In light of the tragic events of 27 April 2010, when a solidarity caravan of observers bound for the Autonomous Municipality of San Juan Copala (Oaxaca, Mexico) was subjected to a cowardly attack by paramilitaries linked to governor Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, resulting in the death of comrade Beatriz Alberta Cariño Trujillo and Finnish comrade Jyri Jaakkola, we, the undersigned organizations, declare:

Anarchist organisation welcomes public sector strike and calls for further action


Anarchist organisation Workers Solidarity Movement has congratulated public sector workers who took part in today’s 24-hour work stoppage and called for further stoppages “in order to force a change of direction from the government”.

“Today’s stoppage was a brave step by public sector workers,” said Gregor Kerr, WSM PRO. “At last, after months and months of being scapegoated for a financial crisis we didn’t have any part in creating, workers have found a bit of dignity and begun to stand up for ourselves.”

“NAMA clearly shows why we should Vote No to Lisbon” – Workers Solidarity Movement


Anarchist organisation Workers Solidarity Movement has stated that the foisting of NAMA on the Irish people is a clear reason why people should reject the Lisbon treaty, and has rejected attempts by establishment politicians to claim that there is no connection between the two.

Pay cuts, job losses - Organise the Fightback


As soon as possible we need a unified day of strike action across the entire public sector to demand withdrawal of this pay cut. One day of strike action is unlikely to be enough to force a change of government policy. So this needs to be followed up with an ongoing campaign of strike action. Join us for the march on Saturday at the Parnell monument from 1.30.

Why the WSM is picketing the Greek Embassy


The Workers Solidarity Movement, an Irish anarchist organisation, have organized a picket of the Greek Embassy in Dublin this Tuesday 9th December 2008, meeting at Stephen’s Green at 5pm. The picket is in response to the killing of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, a 15 year old, who was shot and killed by Greek police in Athens on Saturday night. WSM spokesperson, Gavin Gleeson, says that “As fellow anarchists, we want to show our solidarity and support for the Greeks in opposing police brutality.”

Anarchists call for mass opposition to RIR military parade


Responding to last week's controversial decision by Belfast City Council to hold a 'civic reception' and military parade in November for returning troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Michael McGovern, spokesperson for the Belfast branch of the anarchist Workers Solidarity Movement states,

Reject ISME / SFA demands for wage freeze



Workers Solidarity Movement,
23rd July 2008

Against The Wall – Activist To Visit Cork


Leiser Peles, a prominent Israeli opponent of the massive wall that Israel is building on Palestinian land in the Occupied West Bank will speak in Cork on Thursday night. Mr. Peles is a member of Anarchists Against The Wall, an Israeli - Palestinian organisation established in 2003 to build solidarity with the Palestinians in their struggles.

WSM joins demo in solidarity with Ungdomshuset and Danish anarchists


Today the WSM joined a demo in solidarity with those arrested in Copenhagen since the eviction of Ungdomshuset, an autonomous social centre, on Thursday 1st of March. Around 20-30 people from Anarchist Prisoner Support, Polish Anarchist Federation and the WSM gathered outside the Danish embassy on St. Stephen's Green.

Statement on Gardai attack on Nov 10 Shell to Sea demonstration


Last Friday's events in Rossport were a clear example of the brutality of the state; non-violent protesters were viciously assaulted with fists, boots and batons. It is important to remember however, that these events are part of the same logic that saw five men imprisoned for 92 days last year for refusing to allow Shell to construct a dangerous pipeline through their land.

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