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Dub: Launch of Irish Anarchist Review


The first copies were distibuted as Gardai attacked the Anglo Irish bank occupation and then attempted to stop the anti-capitalist bloc march but this is the formal launch of the new WSM magazine Irish Anarchist Review much of the content of which looks at the fight against the capitalist crisis in the workplace. Authors & editors will introduce the articles, there will be some formal discussion and lots of hanging out and informal discussion. BYOB event, Friday night - 20:00 - Seomra Spraoi

Dublin Anarchist Bookfair poster & leaflet PDF's


The Dublin anarchist bookfair will take place 29th May in Liberty hall.  Below are PDF files of the bookfair poster and a leaflet that you can print out and display / distribute to help with the promotion of the bookfair.

Dublin anarchist bookfair weekend


The annual Dublin anarchist bookfair takes place in Liberty hall on Saturday 29th May.  There will probably be related events on the 28th, evening of the 29th and perhaps on the 30th.  See the Anarchist bookfairs page for more details.

International Solidarity with the Greek workers' struggle!


The Greek working class is angry, and with good reason, with the attempt to load responsibility for the bankruptcy of the Greek State onto their shoulders. We maintain instead that it is the international financial institutions and the European Union who are responsible. The financial institutions have plunged the world, and Greece in particular, into an economic and social crisis of historical proportions, forcing countries into debt, and now these same institutions are complaining that certain States risk not being able to repay their debts. We denounce this hypocrisy and say that even if Greece - and all the other countries - can repay the debt, they should not do so: it is up to those responsible for the crisis - the financial institutions, not the - to pay for the damage caused by this crisis. The Greek workers are right to refuse to pay back their country's debt. We refuse to pay for their crisis!

Dublin Anarchist Bookfair


Dublin Anarchist Bookfair 2010 - May 29th

The 5th Anarchist Bookfair took place in Dublin the weekend of 29th May 2010. Below you will find details of the events at the bookfair including audio recordings of many of the events.


A day out of the ordinary- The Dublin Anarchist Bookfair!


This May sees the return of the annual Anarchist Bookfair to Dublin, our fifth Bookfair to take place in the city to date. Starting from humble beginnings in the St. Nicholas of Myra Hall in The Liberties five years ago, last years Bookfair was arguably the most successful to date. Over one thousand people passed through Liberty Hall during the day with ten different meetings and workshops held discussing a wide range of topics ranging from Palestine to Left Unity, Iran to Shell to Sea, Social Centres and beyond.


Anarchism & the WSM


As the economic crisis continues, the WSM has been busy in a variety of campaigns against measures attempting to impose the costs of the crisis on workers and the poor. WSM members in the public sector trade unions have been active in organising against cuts and pressing for a no vote in ballots on the “Croke Park” agreement. We have also been involved in getting the anti-water charges campaigns up and running in both Dublin and Cork and attended a protest organised by these campaigns at the Green Party annual conference in Waterford.

Polish syndicalist Marcel Szary passed away


Marcel Szary, an activist of Workers' Initiative Trade Union in Cegielski factory, died . He was  one of the founders of the union. It is a huge loss for the syndicalist and workers' movement in Poland.

Artist? - submit artwork on the crisis for WSM magazine / poster


Wanted!  An image that summates much of the recent recession, how we were screwed by a corrupt cartel of bankers, political cronies and financial rackateers.   Something that expresses our exasperation, how we are fighting back or struggling.  Something that cuts through the bullshit.

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