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Articles about the richest 1% in Ireland who own 34% of the wealth and the work of the 1% Network formed to highlight this fact

Beware the Zombie Developers and Vampire Bankers. Beware the myth that the wealth has disappeared!


Zombie developers….. Vampire bankers….. Ghost estate creators….. Black holes that swallow tens of billions of Euros…. They sound like characters from a particularly eerie Hallowe’en tale of horrors. However while they might be spooky, there’s nothing fictional about this array of characters. They stalked our land during the era of the recently-departed Celtic Tiger. But now they’ve gone to ground. They’ve disappeared, they would have us believe. And if they themselves haven’t actually physically disappeared, then their wealth most definitely has.

1% Network Halloween treasure hunt around Ballsbridge


On October 30 join the 1% Network for an after dark Halloween ramble around exclusive Shewsbury road where behind the high dark walls of their rambling mansions lie the zombie developers, vampire bankers and ghost estate creators of the long ago Celtic Tiger era sleeping on their piles of accumulated wealth. Shake with horror as you gaze at the AIB HQ and the black hole within that continues to suck billions of funding from hea...lth and education.

Videos from the 1% tour of Dublin 4


Videos from last Saturday's 1% Network walking tour though the Dublin of the 'Golden Circle' have begun to be released.  The first video, by Dublin based videographer Dave Donnellan, shows highlights of the tour including snippets of the descriptions delivered at different points of the tour.  We will be adding more video here as it becomes available.

1% Walk Through Dublin from Dave Donnellan on Vimeo.


Report on the 1% tour through the Golden Circle


A couple of hundred people took part in the 1% Network's tour of the Golden Circle in Dublin 2 and 4 on Saturday. The tour visited the townhouses of Dermot Desmond, Johnny Ronan & Tony O'Reilly as well as the HQ of IBEC, the new Anglo Irish Bank HQ, the HQ of Treasury Holdings and some of the the private banks and clubs in the area.

Video from the tour is also online

Dub: 1% Network Open meeting


1% Network on Herbert Street, DublinFollowing on from the successful 1% Network walking tour of the golden circle in Dublin 2 & 4 we are going to have an Open meeting to discuss and plan for the next event which will take place around Halloween. Come along, contribute your ideas on the future development of the Network and help organise the next day out.

Press statement: Anarchist organisation to join walking tour ‘through the heartland of the golden circle’.


“There is a huge political choice facing every one of us…The wealth division in Ireland is obscene.  It must be brought to an end.” – Gregor Kerr, WSM spokesperson Anarchist organisation Workers Solidarity Movement (WSM) will participate in the 1% Network Walking Tour taking place on Saturday (9th October), leaving St. Stephens Green at 1p.m.

Final preparations under way for “Political Walking Tour through the Heartland of the Golden Circle”


The 1% Network has announced final details of the “Political Walking Tour through the Heartland of the Golden Circle” and has invited “anyone who cares about finding a just solution to the economic crisis” to “come and see how the 1% live.” The tour will set off from the Wolfe Tone monument, St. Stephens Green on Saturday next, 9th October, at 1p.m. and will take a route through Dublin 2 and 4 which, according to the 1% Network “are littered with the landmarks of power and wealth of the 1%”.

1% tour promotional video


The 1% Network has released a video promoting Saturdays tour of the mansions, private banks and clubs of the wealthy 1% in Dublin 2 and 4.

Tackling Wealth Inequality Must Become a Political Priority


The 1% Network has said that the tackling of wealth inequality must become a political priority.  Citing the TASC survey[i] published in mid-August which showed that 87% of Irish people believe that wealth is unfairly distributed, Gregor Kerr spokesperson for the 1% Network said: “It’s clear that ordinary people see tackling the unfair way in which wealth is distributed in this country as something which should be a political priority.  The government want to continue to take the easy option of cutting public services and taking money from the pockets of ordinary people.  But the rest of us know that it is unfair that the 1% who own 34% of the wealth should continue to be protected while the we suffer.”

1% Network Announces ‘Political Walking Tour’ Through Dublin 4


The 1% network has announced details of a ‘political walking tour’ through the affluent districts of Dublin 2 and Dublin 4. The tour, which will bring protesters through the ‘heartland of the Golden Circle’, will stop at a number of locations, including the new headquarters of Anglo Irish Bank on Burlington Road, property developer Johnny Ronan’s property on Burlington Road and IBEC headquarters on Baggot Street. The tour will assemble at the Wolfe Tone Monument on Stephens Green at 1pm on Saturday, October 9th, 2010.

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