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Articles about the richest 1% in Ireland who own 34% of the wealth and the work of the 1% Network formed to highlight this fact

See how the 1% live - A political walking tour through the heartland of the golden circle


On Saturday October 9th a political walking tour through Dublin 2 and Dublin 4 will take place. In this area Banks, private mansions and corporate headquarters sit side by side in the heartland of the ‘golden circle’. The tour aims to highlight the deep injustice at the heart of Irish society

Assemble 1pm Saturday October 9th
Wolfe Tone Monument, Stephens Green

Dub: 1% Network open meeting


The 1% Network will be holding an open meeting to discuss and organise the walking tour around the heartland of the golden circle. If you want to help publicise the tour and are interested in hearing more about the 1% Network then come along to Seomra Spraoi at 7.30pm, Thursday 9th September.

WSM help launch 1% network


Along with other socialist groups the WSM has launched the 1% Network, a coalition that aims to highlight the gross inequality in Irish society where the richest 1% of the population own 34% of the wealth.  The network will be carrying out a number of activities in the run up to the budget including a walking tour of the private mansions, corporate headquarters, secret meeting spots and private banks on October 9th.

There is Another Way : Anarchists find huge hoard of wealth


The rich remain rich and the rest of us are supposed to keep them that way. That’s why we get pay cuts, health cuts, education cuts, job cuts. It’s not as if dipping into the pockets of PAYE workers is the only way to foot bills.

Thats capitalism - WS99


Just 1% of the population owns 34% of the wealth in the 26 counties (excluding the value of residential housing). That’s according to the Bank of Ireland report ‘The Wealth of the Nation’.


May saw absolutely no job losses announced. May was also the month of the Dail election. Did Fianna Fail ask their business pals to hold off any bad news? In June things got back to ‘normal’ with job losses at Eircom, Dell, Lapple, Wrapite, Molex, the ESB and Hovid.


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