Shell compound at Aughoose shut down during day of solidarity


About 40 Shell to Sea campaigners blocked the Aughoose compound this morning (Nov 11) - all Shell employees were prevented from entering compound between 7.30 and 9.30. The road was kept open to local traffic by the campaign. There was no Garda presence. Just after 10 Shell to Sea activists started setting up an Occupy Shell Corrib Camp at the gates of the refinery in a show of solidarity with the global Occupy movements!

Shell to Sea National Day of Solidarity in Mayo November 11th


Shell to Sea will have a National Day of Solidarity in Mayo on November 11th, both to remember the death of Ken Saro Wiwa and for people from around Ireland to stand in solidarity with the local community in Erris, Mayo.

Trucks continued to be blockaded in Erris as state admits failure to implement EU Environmental Directives.


The struggle against the Shell experimental raw gas pipeline being imposed on the people of Erris continued this week with Shell to Sea campaigners continuing to blockade peat removal lorries while a court case resuled in the state admitting it failed to correctly bring into law required EU Environmental Directives.  However despite thus the State is still maintaining that the consents given to Shell, including one given by interim Fianna Fáil minister Pat Carey on the day of the last general election, are still valid.

Roscommon Hospital closure – Politicans lie, the poor die.


The recent closure of the Roscommon Hospital Accident and Emergency department goes to show, yet again, that the FG/Labour coalition is fully intent on following identical “slash and burn” policies to their much-loathed predecessors.  In an astonishingly overt show of contempt for the will of the electorate, as well as a demonstration of the pressure the IMF/ECB can bring to bear on our politicians, Kenny and co. have completely and utterly reneged on a promise they publicly made to the people of Roscommon just months ago. 

GSOC & the ‘Garda rape threat tape’ - who watches the watchmen


During the week the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission released an interim report on the Garda rape threat tape recordings that were revealed last April. The report contains a major error that suggests GSOC are the source of repeated attempts to spin the story in the media as somehow being the fault of the women the Garda were recorded discussing threatening to rape. The timing of the release of the report was also suspect, coming in the week Shell resumed construction and the day before a national day of action in Erris durig which four Shell to Sea campaigners were injured by Garda and/or private security violence. Such was the level of spin applied that some media made the mistake of leading with the news that the Garda had been cleared of something no one had ever accused them of, directly threatening the two women with rape.

Audio interview from Shell to Sea campaigner during todays direct action

Interview with Ray, a WSM member who took part in the day of action against Shell's compound in Erris this morning.  He reports on what happened this morning and also the successful actions carried out all week which have "really stopped the progress Shell hoped to make".
He gives a description of Garda and private security numbers as well as describing the injuries received by one campaigner inside the compound.

Shell resume work at Aughoose - national day of action called


Rossport Solidarity Camp (RSC) reported Friday morning that Shell was finally resumed work at the compound in Aughoose. In response a national day of a action has been called for 29th July. The compound in Aughoose is where Shell intend to start digging the tunnel to house a section of the experimental high pressure raw gas pipeline that has been opposed for a decade by the local community.

Hundreds gather in Erris for the Party Against the Pipe


The June bank holiday weekend saw hundreds traveling to Erris for the Party Against the Pioe festival organised by the Rossport Solidarity Camp. The festival was held beside the Shell construction compound at Aghoose, where the tunnel for the last stage of their controversial experimental raw gas pipeline is to be started. This compound has been the site of many protests, including one earlier in the week when security punched a female Shell to Sea campaigner in the face.

Shell's bog road torn up at Rossport Solidarity Camp weekend


The May bank holiday saw the annual Rossport Solidarity Camp gathering, this year across the road from the new Shell compound at Arghoos in Erris. As has become traditional the gathering combined a direct action with workshops and socializing. On the Sunday most of those present went to the launch of fisherman's Pat O'Donnell's new boat. There was a constant Garda presence around the camp throughout the weekend but despite the destruction of some 60m of Shell's bog road no arrests were made.

Erris: Annual Shell to Sea gathering May bank holiday


Erris: The Rossport Solidarity Camp have called the annual Shell to Sea Summer Gathering for the May Bank Holiday weekend this year so that it happens while key construction is still underway.  Shell to Sea campaigners from around Ireland will be travelling to the camp for a weekend of protest and meetings, come and join us.  Local Shell to Sea groups will be helping people to travel, already Dublin are running a bus down on the Friday.

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