Report From Rossport August Bank Holiday Weekend 2006


Over 60 anarchists and environmentalists gathered in Rossport over the August bank holiday weekend for two days of planning construction and fun. A contingent of WSM members from Dublin and cork along with our American Comrade Wayne Price (NEFAC) and his wife Anne traveled down to participate.

Peak Oil and Energy Resources


An outline of the main features of the politics of Energy Resources with a focus on the important issue of Peak Oil.

Climate Change -  Root Causes & Radical Solutions


The recent spate of unusually destructive hurricanes in the US and the severe floods in Eastern Europe over the last 2 years have seen the climate change issue climbing the headlines once more. A special report in Time magazine acknowledged that the “serious debate” about whether climate is, or is not occuring, has ended. There is now agreement even among skeptics that climate change is real and that human activity is causing it.

Rossport Camp/Shell 2 Sea gig


Rossport Solidarity Camp/Shell to Sea Fundraising Gig at Eamon Doran's

Shell To Sea pub quiz


The Dublin Shell to Sea group has a fundraising Table Quiz tonight in Doyles Pub (opposite Trinity College, near Pearse Street Garda Station). It runs from 8pm to 11pm and teams of 4 will compete in ten rounds of questions. All welcome.

Swedish and Finnish Commuters Take Direct Action for Free Public Transport


In Stockholm, Gothenburg and Helsinki commuters are taking the initiative in the fight for decent, free public transportation. Here Oisín Mac Giollamóir interviews Anna from the planka.nu campaign.

Cities of the future?


Purchase's proposal for more ecologically integrated communities usually meets with most scepticism when it is imagined applied to cities. Even a relatively small city, like Dublin, is almost completely dependent on food from neighbouring regions, and its ecosystem is made up of cars, people and concrete. If a city like New York or Mexico was sealed off from the rest of the world, it would die within days; the only question is whether it would be from starvation or asphyxiation. Given the number of such large cities around the world, and the fact that, even if it were possible, given the size of the earth's population, for everyone to live in small towns and rural communities, many would not want to, how can cities be accommodated within an environmentally sound anarchist society?

Meat 'n' Veg 'n' Microlivestock


Vegetarianism and environmentalism often go hand in hand. This is partly because the consumption of large livestock has itself an effect on the environment. It takes seven pounds of grain to produce one pound of beef - if we were all to become vegetarian, so the argument goes, much less land would have to be used for agriculture. This is true to a certain extent, but the grain:meat ratio leaves out many things. For example, a cow produces not just meat, but milk, leather and dung (a fertiliser, soil stabiliser, and even fuel source). Wool, feathers and eggs are all useful 'by-products' of animal husbandry that have to taken into account.

Anarchism & Environmental Survival


Graham Purchase is one of the most prolific writers in the Australian anarchist movement, and in books such as 'Anarchist Society & its Practical Realisation', has made a serious contribution to the debate on the future of the anarchist movement, and how our ideas can best be put into practice today. Here, we review his latest book, 'Anarchism and Environmental Survival'.

Stuck in a traffic jam every day - It's... Carmageddon!


There's nothing worse than waiting for a Dublin bus at 8.10 on a rainy November morning. Well possibly one thing, getting a nice big muddy splash from a passing 98 D Volvo or Merc as it trundles by to join on to some tailback on the Rock Road or the Firhouse roundabout.

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