Dublin: Mountjoy prison S2S picket


Dublin Shell to Sea will be picketing Mountjoy prison from 3pm, Saturday 23rd May in solidarity with imprisoned Erris campaigner Maura Harrington. Come along and join us at the prison.



毫無疑問,在日本與其他世界所有的地方一樣存在兩個充滿矛盾的境界相衝突著。一邊是八國集團, 地球上最強大的政府們。加拿大,法國,德國,日本,英國,意大利,俄羅斯和美國。另一邊是其他成千上萬的普通百姓,這些普通百姓們很大部分是這些國家的公民。


八國集團首腦會議將計劃的指示國際貨幣基金( IMF )和世界銀行,會以通過“結構調整方案”再次削減更多花在的教育和保健的經費。據trocaire “南撒哈拉非洲每天仍然需要支付3,700萬美元的債款,因為強大的負債缺少資源,同時間每年有 7百萬兒童死亡” 。這就是八國集團主導的新自由主義(或自由市場)專政的結果。

在1998年,世界20 %的人口生活在最高收入國家裡,其消費支出佔了全世界的86 %,而世界人口中最貧窮的20 %,其消費支出只佔了全世界的1.3 %。而這樣的情況只是越來越糟,在30年前,最窮的20 %人口的總消費事實上佔了2.3 % 。

Reclaim Glengad Beach from Shell!


Action against Shell's entirely illegal fencing off of public beach in a Special Area of Conservation in Mayo.

Shell to Sea


I know a lot of people might be going to a certain 21st birth day tonight but, maybe, swing by Murrays on the way.

El anarquismo y el movimiento ambiental


El problema principal con cualquier debate sobre el "Movimiento Verde" es que no existe como un solo cuerpo de ideas. En lugar de eso tanto individuos como organizaciones sostienen un rango de posiciones desde el anarquismo a través del espectro político hasta las ideas influenciadas por el fascismo. Cualquier término, ambientalismo, ecologismo, etc son definiciones muy vagas de unos amplios cuerpos de ideas y prácticas, probablemente incluso más amplios y más vagos que el socialismo. Por eso no deberíamos crear una falsa elección entre anarquismo y ecologismo sino más bien deberíamos preguntarnos qué tipo de teoría y acción ambiental deberíamos favorecer los anarquistas por un lado y por el otro explicar por qué cualquier ecologista también debería ser un anarquista de lucha de clases.

Anarchism and the Environmental Movement


The major problem with any discussion of the 'Green Movement' is that it does not exist as a single body of ideas. Instead both individuals and organisations hold a range of positions from anarchism right across the political spectrum to ideas influenced by fascism. Any of the terms, environmentalist, ecologist etc are very vague definitions of a wide bodies of idea and practise, probably even wider and vaguer then socialism. Therefore we should not create a false choice between anarchism and environmentalism but rather ask what sort of environmental theory and action should anarchists favour on the one hand and on the other explain why any environmentalist should also be a class struggle anarchist

The successful struggle against Nuclear Power at Carnsore Point in Co. Wexford, Ireland


Britain, France, Germany, the US, and a host of other countries the last 25 years have seen very large movements seeking to close down nuclear power stations. Ireland hasn't. We didn't need to. A big victory was won here when we stopped the then Fianna Fail government going ahead with their plans to build not one, but four, nuclear power stations at Carnsore Point in Co. Wexford in the late 1970s.

Dublin: Kilmainham Shell Picket


Shell picket

Dublin: Shell to Sea Public Meeting


Speakers on corruption, the pipeline and the environment and the campaign to move the refinery offshore...

Offsetting Democracy


Carbon trading and offsets distract attention from the wider, systemic changes and collective political action that needs to be taken in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Promoting more effective and empowering approaches to climate change involves moving away from the blinkered reductionism of free-market dogma, the false-economy of supposed quick fixes, the short-term self interest of big business.

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