Migration / racism

Demo at Garda National Immigration Bureau


On March 16th there is a possible deportation to Nigeria. Many more Asylum Seekers than in previous weeks have present themselves at the Garda National Immigration Bureau(GNIB) on Burgh Quay for Deportation

Demo in Support of Somalians facing Deportation


On March 9th Somalian Asylum Seekers will be protesting outside the Dail at 12.30pm who are faced with deportation from the state.
Somalia is an unsafe corrupt country human rights abuses are widespread and women and children Female Genital Mutilation(FGM).

Possible Deportation/Anti Deportation Demo


Residents Against Racism are calling a demonstration outside the GNIB 16th Feb for 1.30pm to protest the deportation of asylum seekers.

Protest in support of asylum seekers


Let asylum seekers stay and work! Stop the deportations

Hundreds of asylum seekers in Ireland entered 2006 facing an uncertain future at best, as they wait to see whether Justice Minister Michael McDowell agrees to let them stay in Ireland or tries to deport them, as he has many others.

RAR fundraiser


RAR Fundraiser

Review: 'Open Borders: The case against immigration controls'


Most mainstream groups eventually come down clearly in favour of immigration controls and deportations, though arguing for "generosity." This book takes a position that so far has only won over a small but growing minority and argues for the immediate ending of all border controls.

Open Borders: The case against immigration controls
by Teresa Hayter (Pluto Press 2000)
reviewed by Conor McLoughlin

Scapegoating refugees for the Irish housing crisis


The housing crisis for home buyers and private renters is in part due to the arrival of thousands of people into the country. The vast bulk of these people were born in Ireland but became 'economic' refugees and left for other countries to find work over the last few decades. The lucky ones did so legally but many thousands however were forced to enter the US as 'illegals'.

Migrant deaths due to Fortress Europe


They are the sort of deaths which rarely merit more than a passing reference in the mainstream media - a battered ship which sinks in the Mediterranean, a stowaway found dead in the cargo hold of a ship or plane, a nameless asylum seeker who takes his/her life, no longer able to take the pressure in one of the EU's many 'detention centres'. Now and again, as with the 58 Chinese people found dead in the back of a truck in Dover in June of this year, the cases are so horrific that they cannot be ignored. Then they become big news for a day or two only to sink off the political agenda just as quickly.

Irish government plans more discrimination through 'direct provision'


TWO NEW BUZZWORDS have entered the lexicon of the Department of Justice; "dispersal" and "direct provision". The government's "solution" to the crisis of accommodation for asylum seekers in Dublin, like many State solutions, has served to create more problems than it has solved.

Ye shall be known by the friends you keep!


PART 1 - Last year WSM members participated in a number of pickets, organised by the Anti-Racism Campaign, on the constituency clinic of Dublin Fianna Fail TD Ivor Callely. This was in response to comments made by Callely when he criticised the numbers of asylum seekers coming to Ireland. At the time we said that his comments would lead to an increase in racism, and would provide people who have an openly racist agenda with a cover for their activities.

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