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Live coverage from WSM of Budget day protests


Wednesday 9th December saw the greatest budget attack on workers in Ireland in a couple of decades with services and pay being slashed. Many unions and other organisations called protests outside the Dail from the early morning to the late evening. WSM members took part in these protests throughout the day and provided live updates, photos and video from them via our twitter account which you can view or listen to in this article.

Shell's Armada in Broadhaven bay, Rossport a video guide


Shot this on Saturday morning, someone from the Rossport Solidarity Camp narrates the various components of the Shell armada in the bay and what they have been used for

June Bank Holiday 2009 protest against Shell compund in Erris - video


Over the June Bank Holiday weekend dozens of people traveled from all over Ireland to Erris to join locals in ongoing resistance to Shell's project of imposing an experimental gas pipeline on the local community.

Blockade at Mountjoy jail as Shell to Sea protester jailed


The long running struggle in Erris (Rossport) against Shell's attempt to impose an experimental gas pipeline on the local community has erupted in recent days with repeated local direct actions against the compound Shell are trying to construct. Meanwhile the state at the behest of Shell continues to press vindictive prosecutions against local activists. Back in March retired school teacher Maura Harrington for jailed for 30 days, today the state returned for another pound of flesh and she was sentenced to another 7-10 days in Mountjoy prison. At very short notice over 20 activists from Dublin Shell to Sea gathered at the prison gates and showed their outrage by blocking the entrance of the prison van containing Maura in to Mountjoy for about twenty minutes.

Anarchist Panther Ashanti Alston in Dublin -Video


In March Ashanti Alston, a former member of the Black Panther Party and a Black Liberation Army solider, came to Ireland to speak at the Dublin anarchist bookfair. This is the video of his presentation. In it he talks about his experiences in the Black Panthers and BLA, the lessons he draws from them and what he thinks of revolutionary politics in Ireland.

Anarchism in Ireland - 1997 to 2007 - Video


In 2007/8 WSM member Andrew Flood spent a total of 16 weeks touring North American and Canada, giving talks in 44 cities. The topic was 'Building a popular anarchism in Ireland' which involved a history of anarchist involvement in struggle from around 1997 to 2007. This video is formed from the audio of the talk and images of the anarchist movement in Ireland from the mid 1990's to the present day.

Reports from Maura Harrington Mountjoy protests


Maura Harrington of Shell to Sea has been in Mountjoy prison for the last weeks, serving a 30 day sentence for supposadely assaulting a Gardai, WSM members have been taking part in solidarity protests outside the prison. Here we reproduce extracts from the blog of one WSM member who has attended some of these protest.

60k protest in Dublin over Education cuts - video


Somewhere over 50,000 people took part in the INTO organised march through Dublin this afternoon in protest at the education cuts, The was the culmination of a series of regional marches called by the INTO.

Over 10,000 protest at Dáil against Education cuts - Video


Somewhere in the region of 15,000 people took part in the INTO protest at the Dail Wednesday evening. From the crowd it was obvious that as well as teachers many parents, secondary school pupils and college students had turned up to show solidarity.
The Gardai prevented access to Kildare street and the mounted riot police were on standby at the gates of the Dail. An elaborate filter barrier had been installed across the top of Kildare street

October's Health March 2008 video


Over a thousand people marched through Dublin Saturday 11th as part of the Dublin Council of Trade unions organised demonstration for a decent health service. Local groups had travelled to Dublin from around the country to take part in the demonstration.

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