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Reports from Maura Harrington Mountjoy protests


Maura Harrington of Shell to Sea has been in Mountjoy prison for the last weeks, serving a 30 day sentence for supposadely assaulting a Gardai, WSM members have been taking part in solidarity protests outside the prison. Here we reproduce extracts from the blog of one WSM member who has attended some of these protest.

60k protest in Dublin over Education cuts - video


Somewhere over 50,000 people took part in the INTO organised march through Dublin this afternoon in protest at the education cuts, The was the culmination of a series of regional marches called by the INTO.

Over 10,000 protest at Dáil against Education cuts - Video


Somewhere in the region of 15,000 people took part in the INTO protest at the Dail Wednesday evening. From the crowd it was obvious that as well as teachers many parents, secondary school pupils and college students had turned up to show solidarity.
The Gardai prevented access to Kildare street and the mounted riot police were on standby at the gates of the Dail. An elaborate filter barrier had been installed across the top of Kildare street

October's Health March 2008 video


Over a thousand people marched through Dublin Saturday 11th as part of the Dublin Council of Trade unions organised demonstration for a decent health service. Local groups had travelled to Dublin from around the country to take part in the demonstration.

Anarchism & the Chinese Revolution - video and audio


A 60 minute recording of a talk and discussion on the Chinese revolution and the Chinese anarchist movement. It's available here as google video, mp4 and mp3 formats, the first two are preferred as the viewer will then be able to see the images referenced during the talk. The talk covers the period from the 1840's to the victory of the CCP in 1949.


Chomsky meeting with Irish anarchists in Dublin


In February of 2006 during his hectic visit to Dublin the Workers Solidarity Movement arranged a meeting between Noam Chomsky and anarchists living in Ireland. Around 90 anarchist from all over the counrty attended

Video footage of Baldonnel anti-war direct action


Sunday April 18th saw the Irish government mark the 90th anniversary of the Easter 1916 insurrection against British imperialism. Some 120,000 turned out to watch a military parade and a fly past. To coincide with the event anti-war activists, most of them anarchists were making their way to Baldonnel airbase which has been used by USA hercules military planes and has been involved in CIA torture flights.

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