Readers experiences of policing or comments on Make Policing History


The is the readers comments page for the Make Policing History texts.  We want to hear what your experiences are or what your comments on the text are.

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Eamonn Byrne

As his now 33 year old daughter, I am saddened that the gardai have got the same mentality as they had in the 80's! I have no bitterness to those responsible anymore!!! I realise the importance of having justice in a society.... Although anyone who would look at my fathers case would know there was no "justice" but hay that's life!!!! I know black from white!!! But also agree with a fair chance and equality... Doesn't happen much in our neck of woods??? Here's to a better future for all walks of life....... As I have said to one guard in my local, when they change we shall too.... Every action has a reaction X Lisa

recent channel 4 documentary on the police

Interesting account of police infiltration of Stephen Lawrence's campaign and other grouos