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They don’t get it – Shatter, Phil Hogan, Enda Kenny and the rest - We are not dupes We are a people in revolt


Below is the text of comments by Gregor Kerr introducing the 'Open mic' session at the Campaign Against Household And Water Taxes protest outside the Fine Gael Ard Fheis on Saturday 31st March.  Approx 25 people spoke - representing campaigns in Dublin West, Dun Laoghaire, Carlow, Ballyfermot, Wicklow, North Inner City Dublin, Finglas/Ballymun, Lucan, South East Inner City Dublin, Wexford, Newbridge, Connemara, Kilkenny, Edenderry, Cork and the East Wall area of Dublin.  

The rally was also addressed by Maura Harrington of Shell to Sea, Mick O'Reilly of the Dublin Council of Trade Unions, Jean Monaghan - one of the GAME Shop workers currently in occupation of their workplaces fighting for proper redundancy payments and Jimmy Kelly of Unite Union.  

The Networked Individual in Why its Kicking Off Everywhere - audio of discussion on Paul Mason's book


Andrew Flood looks at Paul Mason's recently published book 'Why its kicking off everywhere' and in particular what Mason has to say about the internet and the emergance of the 'Networked Individual'.   The recording is of a WSM supporters meeting in Dublin and the 20 minute presentation is followed by 30 minutes of discussion on the ideas outlined, roughly as summarised below.

The talk was part of the preparation for an 18,000 word review & discussion of 'Why its kicking off everywhere'.

Further momentum gathers in Cork household tax campaign


Following on the successful meeting in the Imperial hotel in January the CAHWT in Cork has been running a series of local meetings around the city and county. Turnout has been positive at the these meetings and local groups have got up and running distributing literature, running stalls and organising for protests.  On Tuesday 7th meetings saw over 80 people attending in Blarney, 70 plus in Carrigtwohill and 30 in Passage West. On Wednesday 80 people packed a meeting in Ballyvolane on Corks' northside, on thursday over 60 people gathered in Ballyphehane Community centre and 90 in Glanmire.  Every meeting saw dozens sign up as members and pledge support for activity.

Reform vrs Revolution- What change do we want and how do we get there?


There’s a lot to be angry about. On the one hand mass unemployment, cut backs and pay cuts, we have death and destruction on a grand scale. On the other, the crushing bore­dom and alienation of everyday life. All of these various horrors are tied together, different faces of a single system. It exploits and exaggerates every tiny little difference between us from sexism to racism and nationalism, making us compete for scraps and hate each other as we fight while a tiny minority enjoy all the benefits. This system is global capitalism backed by the armed force of the state, a pattern of economic and political exploitation that reaches into every aspect of our lives. Class oppression is not simply a small cabal of the ultra-rich in Wall Street or Washington or London it's in every workplace, every police station, every dole queue, every courtroom, every prison and every territory occupied by Western militaries, and can only be sensibly understood as such.

What is needed to Build a National Campaign against the Household Tax


Workers Solidarity Movement member Gregor Kerr gave the leadoff at the session dealing with "Organising the Campaign" at the successful National Forum of the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes on Saturday 10th September. What follows is the text of his contribution:

Interview with Malaysian anarchists


While in South East Asia recently Sean Matthews caught up with two Malaysian anarchists who told me about the issues they face as workers and anarchists in their country. Over a few drinks and few hours we discussed the current political and social situation including the problem of race and religion in their country. We exchanged ideas and experiences, the wider international anarchist movement and most important what we can do to assist anarchists in this part of the world.

The Arab Spring, News and Reflections from an anarchist eyewitness perspective - audio


José Antonio Gutiérrez Danton returned from Egypt with news of the state of the struggle for greater freedom in the post-Mubarak era to give this presentation at the 2011 Dublin anarchist bookfair.

Gabriel Kuhn on the subversive side of football - audio


PM Press author Gabriel Kuhn gave a talk on the subversive side of football to the 2011 Dublin Anarchist Bookfair. This is the recording of that talk and the discussion that followed.

Why We Should Oppose the Queen's Visit – report on Cork WSM Meeting


On last Tuesday evening at Solidarity Books a small but very interested audience listened to James McBarron of Cork WSM give a talk outlining why people should oppose the impending visit of the queen of England to the Republic of Ireland. In his presentation, he reminded us that the institution of monarchism, the British monarchy in particular because of its historic role, is bound up intimately with the promotion of imperialism, militarism and privilege, and therefore should be opposed.

The 1% get richer while we get poorer - 1% Network speech at the Dáil


As part of the budget protests at the Dáil Dec 7th 2011 Andrew Flood gave the following speech for the 1% Network at the left bloc rally. "If we wish to build a new society based on equality and real democracy, we need to find a way to take political power as well as economic wealth away from that 1%"

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