The text,audio or video of a talk that was presented to a WSM or other meeting

The problem is capitalism, not just a harsh budget - WSM speech at the Dáil


As part of the budget protests at the Dail Dec 7 2010 Gregor Kerr gave the following speech for the WSM.  In it he argues that, while we must fight the budget, we need to look beyond that and clearly say that capitalism as a way of organising society is morally and politically bankrupt. If we want to ensure that this financial crisis and the economic misery it has visited on millions of working class people across the world is the last, then we need to begin to organise not to change the administrators of capitalism, but to tear down that capitalist system and replace it with a system which places the needs of the many above the greed of the few.

Haiku for the Trade Union Fightback 2009 - 2010


The erosion of a democratic structure of the Unions has lead to a greater ability by the leadership to exert control over the Union.  Where there were assemblies of workers – arguments can be had and positions taken – but thanks to over 23 years of partnership – you don’t have them in many workplaces.   So where you had functioning branch structures it was possible to explore and debate ideas over the strike process.

Organise to tear down the capitalist system


It is important that as many voices as possible are raised to say No to bank bailouts, No to the bailouts of wealthy property developers and No to the attacks on our living standards and cuts in public services. Above all we need to be saying No to the notion that we should all be sharing the economic pain. This is the text of Gregor Kerr's speech to the 400 or so people who took part in the Euopean week of protests against bank bailouts in Dublin, June 2010. It includes 23 photos of the protests.

The reform movement in Iran and the million signatures - audio from Dublin anarchist bookfair


The audio is from the Dublin anarchist bookfair and has two speakers talking about the reform movement and feminism in Iran in general and the million signatures campaign in particular.

After the anti-capitalist blocs - fighting their crisis - audio from Anarchist Bookfair


Recorded at the Dublin anarchist bookfair, three speakers look at the economy, what the real situation of the resistance is and what needs to be built and examples of what has been achieved in the unions to date. This is followed by contributions from the floor from a wide range of perspectives.

What happened on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla - audio of Irish participants relating their experiences


Platform at IPSC meetingAn IPSC meeting on Saturday saw some of the Irish participants on the Freedom Flotilla talk of their experiences, and discuss what practical steps Irish people can help take to bring about the end of the siege of Gaza and Israeli apartheid as a whole and secure self determination for the people of Palestine. This is the audio from the meeting.

Revolutionary Experiments In Ireland 1917-1923 - Conor Kostick audio


Connor Kostick author of Revolution in Ireland: Popular militancy 1917 to 1923 spoke at the 2010 Dublin anarchist bookfair about the wave of workplace occupations and 'soviets' as well as the general strikes that are forgotten by conventional nationalist histories of this period.

The audio is about one hour in length and was first published on 

Launch of Irish Anarchist Review - audio


The first copies of this new publication were distributed as Gardai attacked the Anglo Irish bank occupationon Saturday 15th May and then attempted to stop the anti-capitalist bloc march on Tuesday 18th May but this was the formal launch of the new WSM magazine Irish Anarchist Review. Much of the content of the magazine looks at the fight against the capitalist crisis in the workplace. Authors & editors introduce the articles followed by some questions about the new format.

Israeli Apartheid, BDS and Grassroots Resistance in Palestine - Audio from the Anarchist Bookfair


Dublin solidarity with the Freedom Flotilla marchThis is the recording of the 'Israeli Apartheid, BDS and Grassroots Resistance in Palestine' from the 2010 anarchist bookfair. The speaker is Freda Hughes from the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign. Topics covered in the one hour audio include the apartheid wall and settlements, experiences of the occupied territories, popular committees and Bi'lin, the cage protest and other direct actions, how Israeli activists argue for the boycott, Zionism, the freedom flotilla, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

'Time to make the wealthy pay' - speech by Gregor Kerr at Anti Capitalist Bloc protest



We are here tonight outside Anglo Irish Bank to deliver a strong and clear message to the cabal of bankers, speculators and developers and their political friends who have brought this country to the brink of economic ruin.  That message as I said is very simple and very straightforward – ‘They didn’t share the wealth, We aren’t going to share the pain. Make the wealthy pay’.

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