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Anarchist Book Fair Comes to North Inner City


Saturday, March 3rd will see Dublin’s Second Anarchist Book Fair, a free, public event packed to the brim with radical bookstalls, meetings and social events. Last year, the event was held in the Meath Street Area and proved a great success. This year, due to the increased demand for stalls and meetings, we’ve moved to a larger venue, in the Teachers Club, 36 Parnell Square, in Dublin’s North Inner City.

WSM texts translated into Polish


This years anarchist bookfair (3rd March, Teachers Club) will see a meeting for Polish speaking anarchists in Ireland. There will also be a 'Polish anarchists in Ireland' stall. Poland has quite a large anarchist movement as a result there are a significant number of Polish anarchists who like other Poles have migrated to Ireland to find work. They have translated a large number of articles written by anarchist in Ireland by WSM members into Polish. These translations are now available on the WSM web site.

Anarchist Youth call it a day Dec. 2005 - Dec. 2006.


Just before Christmas, Anarchist Youth decided unanimously to formally disband. All remaining members have or are in the process of joining the Workers Solidarity Movement. We felt we wanted to be part of a larger organisation with a better organisational structure, more of a support base and better resources.

Focus on precarity - Ireland


Over the past year there has been an emerging preoccupation among anarchists and socialists with precarity as it’s an expression of a new work discipline imposed by neo-liberalism. Already there have been several precarity forums in European cities aimed at etching out a sense of the identities formed through the shared experience of the demands of job market flexibility.

WSM day school in Derry


Among our recent activities was the ‘Change Not Chaos’ mini-festival organised by a Derry WSM member. Saturday September 30th saw the Dunlgoe Bar play host to a day of anarchist talks, films and music. 



Nuestro objetivo Este nuevo boletín, Liberación, es la contraparte en castellano del periódico en lengua inglesa Workers Solidarity (Solidaridad Obrera), editado por el Workers Solidarity Movement (Movimiento de Solidaridad Obrera) de Irlanda. Mientras Liberación recién comienza, el WS se viene editando desde el año 1984. Tanto en el papel como en la versión digital, hemos llegado a muchos rincones del mundo, incluidos muchos países de habla hispana. Traducciones al castellano de nuestros artículos han circulado ampliamente por internet, así como por diversos medios de comunicación alternativos. Liberación aparece, entonces, a la luz del día como nuestro intento de poder facilitar el acceso a nuestras ideas e información a quienes se interesan en ellas desde las regiones en que se habla esta lengua. Así se expresa también nuestra voluntad de involucrarnos en el debate constructivo y enriquecedor sorteando las barreras impuestas por los lenguajes.

Report of Autumn 2006 WSM national conference.


The Workers Solidarity Movement held its Autumn 2006 National conference in Seomra Spraoi, a social centre in Dublin. The conference saw around two thirds of the membership attending with greetings sent from our comrades involved in the struggle in Rossport.

Report of Anarchism Not Chaos mini-festival in Derry, Ireland


Saturday 30th of September saw Derry's Dunlgoe bar play host to a day of anarchist talks, films and music hosted by the Workers Solidarity Movement. The event which was organised by a local Derry WSM member saw people from Dublin, Switzerland, Copenhagen and Belfast as well as locals gather to discuss anarchist ideas.

Anarchism And The WSM


Among our activities over the summer was a day of discussions about the role of women in revolutionary politics. About 60 women and men debated the experience of women in movements as diverse as the 1916 Rising and the 1930’s Spanish anarchist ‘Free Women’ organisation.

Report of Spring 2006 WSM National Conference


The Workers Solidarity Movement recently held its Spring 2006 conference in Dublin. The conference was comparatively low key with debates on a number of details of position papers in comparison to recent conferences that spent much of the time on major redrafts of position papers. Around two thirds of the membership attended.

Conference opens with questioning the reports given by various office holders, editorial committees etc. A summary of these reports follows - quite a lot of details and indeed areas involving relationships with other groups have been removed, as these were not written for public consumption.

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