Gaza: Against passivity in the face of the spectacle of slaughter


Slaughter in Gaza. It's in the papers, on the radio, on the TV news. We stare numbed at the images of horror while eating our dinner. And then the spokespeople, one after another. Hamas are blaming Israel. Israel and the US are blaming Hamas. The Europeans and the rest of the world are blaming the US. One one thing they are all agreed, it's not their fault, the blood is on somebody else's hands. Meanwhile bloodied parents stagger through the streets of Gaza bearing the shattered bodies of their children.

Dublin Demonstration against Slaughter in Gaza


The Irish Anti War Movement has called for a national demonstration against the Israeli attack on Palestinians in Gaza. The demonstration begins at Central Bank at 1pm for speeches followed by a march to the Israeli embassy at Pembroke Broad, Dublin 4 and more speeches.

Cork Protest - Stop The Slaughter In Gaza


Cork march and protest details

Gaza Protest Belfast


Gaza Protest March

TV REVIEW - Generation Kill and the reality of war


In Workers Solidarity 105 we reviewed David Simon's 'The Wire'. His follow on project 'Generation Kill' which features some of the same actors is a 7 episode series following the United States Marine Corps' 1st Reconnaissance Battalion during the invasion of Iraq . It's based on the book published by Rolling Stone journalist Evan Wright.

Dublin: Gaza atrocity protest


The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign has called a National
Demonstration in solidarity with Gaza for this Saturday 3rd January .

Cork: Protest Gaza Atrocity


The Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Cork is calling on members, supporters and all friends of Palestine to come out on Saturday next to protest against the Israeli bombing of Gazans. Please bring banners, placards, flags etc.

Obamania, the factory of illusions...


The victory of Obama in the US presidential elections, echoed all over the world through the mass media, tried to convince us that the single most relevant event in 2 millions of years of human existence had just happened.

WSM members report from RIR homecoming protests


The Workers Solidarity Movement held a public demonstration in Belfast in opposition to the Ministry of Defence's decision to hold a march celebrating the occupation and continued atrocities in Afganistan. Here we present two individual reports from members who took part in the protest.

Anarchists demonstrate against RIR parade through Belfast


Anarchists organise Anti-War Demonstration
Politicians of all sides show hypocrisy

Sunday 2nd November at 11am sharp

The Workers Solidarity Movement,(WSM), an anarchist organsiation, will be holding a public demonstration in opposition the Ministry of Defences decision to hold a march celebrating the occupation and continued atrocities in Afganistan

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