Interview with US soldier from company involved in Apache killing of journalists


Salon Radio interviewed Josh Stieber a former solider in the U.S. Army in Iraq who served with Bravo Company 2-16, the infantry ground soldiers involved in the Apache helicopter attack video WikiLeaks released that show's the killing of twelve people including two journalists.  In the interview Stieber explains the incident was not a rare occurrence.



Grand Theft Veto

A number of WSM members attended the Irish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) commemoration of Land Day – March 30th which has become a symbolic day of support both in Palestine and throughout the world. This marks the day when strikes were organised in many Palestinian towns in Israel back in 1976 as a reaction to the expropriation of more land by that aggressor state.

US forces kill journalists, ambulance crew, shoot children in Iraq


Al Jazerra have released this video that shows US Apache helicopters use a mini gun against a group of journalists & civilians in Iraq.  When a van arrives to evacuate the injured that is also shot up, killing the driver.  When US troops arrive on the scene the pilots laugh when they run over a body and then  when they are told that the injured include two children laugh again saying 'you shouldn't bring your children to a war.'  Except of course those they have killed were not in a war, they were walking down a street before being  gunned down from the sky without cause or warning.

Article index for WSM article published before 2006


Up until 2006 all WSM articles published after 1990 were hosted as part of the Struggle collection on another server.  We hope to eventually move all the articles stored there to this site but in the meantime these subject indices take you to the pages still stored on that site.

Haiti: Intervention and Imperialism


The horrific death toll from the earthquake in Haiti briefly focused the world’s attention on the plight of the Haitian people. The earthquake was a natural disaster coming on top of decades of human disasters imposed upon the people as its economy has been forced to transform to suit the needs of transnational corporations. This is the reason so many people were packed into substandard accommodation in Port-au-prince.

US Troops out of Haiti - Picket of US Embassy


Haiti Solidarity Ireland invite you to join them in calling for the removal of American and other international occupation troops from Haiti with a picket of the American embassy in Dublin on February 25 from 6-7pm.

Public Meetings in Cork and Dublin - Haiti: Catastrophe and the legacy of imperialism


Public meetings to be held in Cork and Dublin this week will pose the question of how the legacy of U.S. imperialism has impacted on the catastrophe visited on Haiti in the recent earthquake.

Audio of Haiti Talk in Cork


Approximately 40 people packed in Solidarity Books in Cork to hear Elsie Haas (a Haitian film-maker and journalist, based in Paris) and Jose Antonio Gutierrez (of the Latin American Solidarity Centre in Dublin) talk about the political and economic history of Haiti and how the recent US intervention in the country, following the earthquake, is just a continuation of the UN-led occupation since 2004, following on from 200 years of occupations and imperialism.

Haiti - a history of intervention, occupation and resistance


As predictions for the death toll from the Haitian earthquakes rise over 200,000, ABC News have reported that planes carrying medical equipment and relief supplies are having to compete with soldiers for the valuable slots at Port-au-Prince airport which was taken over by the US military after the quake. Since the start of the great anti-slavery republican insurrection nearly 220 years ago, Haiti has been presented as a dangerous place incapable of running its own affairs and requiring foreign intervention. Yet the reality is its people were the first enslaved population to deliver themselves from slavery and also carried out what was only the third successful republican insurrection on the planet. The threat of this good example was rewarded with centuries of invasion, blackmail, the robbery of Haiti's natural resources and the impoverishment of its people. This articles summarizes that history of intervention and the resistance to it in order to put into context what is happening in Haiti after the quake.

Dublin: Images of Resistance - Iraq and Beyond - photo exhibition


This exhibition has been extended until Oct.30th.

UNITE trade union hall
55 Middle Abbey Street
Dublin 1

Monday to Thursday: 11am - 4pm
Fridays: 11am - 3pm

Admission is free

A collaboration of the work of many photographers including serving and former soldiers, the main purposes of this exhibition is to help raise consciousness and awareness in the public of the opposition to wars, the plight of the people in war torn countries, the real reasons behind wars, the effects of war and also to show the situations soldiers find themselves in.
Many of the images come from war zones including Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine.

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