Cork: Hands off the People of Iran - Film Showing


Showing the film "Persepolis" at The Bodega, Cornmarket St.

Hamas, the left and ‘liberation’ in Palestine


Hamas' recent "clampdown" on Fatah's Al-Aqsa Martyr's Brigade in Gaza, rather then its ongoing brutal repression against leftist dissent, including that of feminist voices, dominated Western coverage of life in the occupied territories.

Capitalism & war in the Caucasus


Some things in life are pretty obvious. One is that you don’t attack a heavily armed gang that outnumbers you 30 to 1. 

So what was Georgian leadership thinking when it ordered an attack on South Ossetia? There can be no question that they thought they would be able to defeat Russia. There are, after all, limits to human idiocy.

Anarchists call for mass opposition to RIR military parade


Responding to last week's controversial decision by Belfast City Council to hold a 'civic reception' and military parade in November for returning troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Michael McGovern, spokesperson for the Belfast branch of the anarchist Workers Solidarity Movement states,

The Irish Peace Process and the Working Class


The progress of the Irish Peace process has been both a long and turbulent one. It had seen the development in recent times of the once unimaginable, with Ian Paisley the leader of the DUP and Sinn Fein's Martin McGuiness sharing Power within the local administration. Since then, Paisley has stood down and Peter Robinson has taken over such leadership roles. No doubt in the years ahead many will attempt to pull the threads together of how such in it’s entirety had been moved to happen. Yet with now seeing such an administration up and running, has it delivered beneficial change for working class communities, and more importantly what change, if any, has there been for working class communities since the ending of the ‘war’.

Raytheon 9 acquitted in Derry trial


It was a victory for people applying common sense and cutting through capitalist bullshit. What the prosecution had feared most was the jury acquitting the 9 because they believed them when they said that they had sabotaged Raytheon's computers in order to disrupt the company's activities. These activities are supplying the world's most lethal weapons of mass destruction to the world's most human rights abusing regimes.

WSM welcomes rejection of the Lisbon Treaty


The Workers Solidarity Movement welcomes the rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. This treaty dealt with structural changes in the EU and as such no matter what it contained could not give us more control over our lives. This can only happen when we have democracy in our workplaces and communities.

The Lisbon Treaty Campaign in Ireland: a Review


With a large number of conflicting interpretations in circulation, many voters’ voting decisions depended on whom they trusted the most. 

When it came down to it, the side that was represented by politicians and IBEC was always going to be in trouble. In the end, the loyalty test split the electorate on class lines. The wealthier constituencies trusted their politicians and business leaders more, the rest of the country sided against them and with the left or the nationalists.

The results of the Lisbon Treaty Referendum in Ireland


The NO victory in Ireland is a clear demonstration of the lack of support among the people for the European project being promoted by the Brussels technocrats and the transnational corporations grouped together in the capitalist cartel, the European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT). This rejection by the country with the highest levels of approval and popularity for the EU shows that a different form of European unity is needed, a real unity of all the people. And the gap between public opinion and their "representatives" is a clear sign of the crisis in representative democracy and the need for direct democracy.

Opening run of new play: 'Our National Games' by Gerard Humphreys


The Axis Theatre has kindly donated the proceeds from the Wednesday 4th of June showing of their new play, 'Our National Games' to the IPSC.

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